The ExtraOrdinary Performer

Developing your career pathway & taking charge of your performance.

Better Leaders. Better Results.

The ability to make important contributions is within most people’s grasp. Aspiring to be truly extraordinary can result in tremendous gains in productivity for the organization and can also create new potential career opportunities.


The Workshop

Built on empirical research, The Extraordinary Performer Workshop provides the motivation and tools for employees of all skill levels to increase their ability to contribute. Participants will understand how their performance is currently perceived and how to increase their contribution. Each participant will also create an Individual Development Plan that is customized to both their current career stage and their own long-term career objectives. They’ll be ready to follow up with their managers and become extraordinary performers.


Workshop Outcomes

Through attending this workshop participants will be able to:


  • Understand the factors that drive extraordinary job performance and create personal career satisfaction

  • See how individual careers follow a progression of stages that allow people to contribute in different ways over time

  • Learn about the differentiating competencies that distinguish the highest performing individuals from the rest

  • Prepare to receive a feedback report, understand the report structure, interpret the data, and discuss how it can best be used in a positive way

  • Perform a step-by-step analysis of their feedback report, using a structured process with individual and group exercises

  • Use Zenger Folkman’s unique cross-training approach to construct a customized Individual Development Plan

  • Receive peer feedback and coaching around their plans in preparation for development discussions with their managers.

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