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The Inspiring Leader Workshop is based on large-scale Zenger–Folkman surveys of competencies among managers. These show that many managers score poorly and relatively low on the ‘inspiring others’ and ‘developing others’ competencies. Accordingly, the Inspiring Leader Workshop is designed for experienced leaders and managers who want to distinguish themselves as leaders, and who inspire and motivate their employees. The workshop takes the form of a one-day session in which those different leadership styles identified by Zenger–Folkman research are highlighted and discussed.


The Workshop

By utilising and employing the 360-degree feedback questionnaire, and the questionnaire focusing on personal leadership styles, the Inspiring Leader workshop provides participants with insights as to how they can improve individually as leaders and best inspire and motivate their employees. Participants receive a leadership-style analysis report, which is discussed during the workshop. The Inspiring Leader Workshops are organised by certified Zenger–Folkman trainers.


Workshop Outcomes

Through attending this workshop participants will be able to:


  • Appreciate different leadership styles and the importance of leadership: What defines the strength of the motivator, the visionary, the principled leader, the expert, the developer and the driver, and in which areas do these leaders excel and underperform?

  • Explore the difference between leadership and management

  • Understand the strongest competencies of the most successful leaders; and how to develop them according to their respective individual abilities;

  • Find where their strengths as an individual leaders lie and how they can further enhance their personal development;

  • Learn how they can inspire and motivate employees in the best possible way.

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