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Coaching for Peak Performance transforms managers into successful team coaches who can empower their people to work more effectively together. Using focused participation to explore how effective “people managers” coach and develop teams, participants are encouraged to question their perceptions and beliefs about individuals and to structure feedback and expectations in the context of future potential rather than past performance.


The Workshop

Through the development of a coaching culture an organisation will achieve stronger, more effective, relationships between managers and teams, improving motivation and trust. This in turn raises job satisfaction and facilitates the transformation of the workforce into a successful, high performing team. The workshop is applicable for both leadership and management.


Workshop Outcomes

Through attending this workshop participants will be able to:


  • Adopt new people management behaviours

  • Use a coaching paradigm to constantly unlock individual potential

  • Capitalise on, and access, the management skills they have learned

  • Understand the different forms of coaching for leadership and management

  • Act as an effective coach with the ability to assess and use the right technique for individual situations

  • Develop a performance-focused and performer-centred coaching style that encourages personal responsibility and independence

  • Structure feedback to create a motivating learning experience rather than a judgemental experience that generates a defensive response

  • Encourage individuals to explore options and multiple solutions to challenges. 

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