Leadership Offsite Facilitation

Inspiring leaders to drive results through offering new perspectives, frameworks & ideas.

Better Leaders. Better Results.

Today’s organisations face more pressure than ever to achieve results in less time, often with fewer people. As work teams becoming more dispersed, frequently spanning cultures and time zones, designing and facilitating well-run meetings and workshops has become more complicated and more essential than ever. LeaderShape Consulting collaborates with clients to design the best combination of face-to-face and online activities to ensure that the right participants are actively and productively engaged in important conversations.


Typical facilitation engagements include:


Strategic planning: 

Designing and leading interactive conversations, both online and face-to-face, to help extract the wisdom from all participants to foster breakthrough thinking, leading to practical action plans


Mission/Vision creation: 

Including all stakeholders in down-to-earth conversations that lead to meaningful missions and vision statements that reflect an organisation’s values and guide planning activities and resource allocation


Brainstorming & rapid capture: 

Making the best use of virtual and face-to-face methods to generate loads of innovative ideas in less time, followed by a logical selection process


Process mapping: 

Using a combination of high-tech and lowtech tools that enable participants to map the desired future state, call out priority actions, and identify critical success factors


Operating principles and team charter development: 

Guiding teams in the creation of shared operating principles, especially around decision-making, team collaboration and communication, and managing organisational change

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