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Do Your Leaders Have A Response for COVID-19 That Maintains Speed?

How do you reduce anxiety, continue to develop people, release new products and grow your business amid the international travel bans, work from home policies and potential conference & roadshow cancellations?

Rapidly increasing numbers of coronavirus cases internationally, and now in Australia, have the nation’s companies rapidly scaling up and testing different remote/virtual delivery strategies to replace the traditional workshop, conference or roadshow.

As the virus continues to spread across the country, more and more organisations are pausing professional development, team conferences and large meetings in an effort to protect their team members. That has elicited an array of emotions, from fear to frustration, as well as a host of questions many of which remain unanswered. Simply put the virus outbreak is testing their ability to deliver the momentum, skillset & mindset required to continue growth.

The measures that companies are taking in response to the virus may shift workplace behaviour positively over the long term. Telecommuting, which has been in and out of favour for decades, may become more ingrained. The use of digital tools for remote collaboration may also rise. Virtual development and smaller, more focused professional development workshops & coaching could become the norm. Yet in the near term, having workers stay home and simply stop developing and collaborating isn’t really a viable option.

A Unique Take on Virtual Training

LeaderShape Consulting’s virtual training offering integrates engaging video production with impactful mindset & skillset education, delivered through a combination of user-friendly video platforms along with coaching in a small group (domestic & local) or virtual (if you’re a national or international organisation). Using a variety of virtual meeting platforms, each participant learns, interacts, presents and role-plays just like they would in the classroom to one of our facilitators and receives individual, personalised coaching that produces immediate improvements on both skillset & mindset.

Simulations Matter

For years LeaderShape Consulting has partnered with some of the world’s leading business and learning simulation organisations. Over the last few weeks we have held a number of discussions with clients who would like to continue professional development, especially within sales and leadership populations, but who are faced with the challenge that most of their workers are at home. We have a range of bespoke virtual/online simulations that are purposely designed to engage, excite and educate. A brilliant solution that can work from 100 to 1000 people at a time.

Let Us Come To You

LeaderShape Consulting partners with Be Challenged (Australia’s premier team building company) so that we can provide the best experiential learning possible. Be Challenged are already proactively working with their conference, roadshow and team building clients who have been discouraged from having large groups of people gathering for any reason, including development and team/business performance and crafting solutions that bring us to the learner rather than the other way around. Proactively co-designing ways with our clients that continue team learning, engagement & mental resilience at the same time as minimising potential risk.

We Can Help

At LeaderShape Consulting we understand the need to respond proactively to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) threat. If your business would benefit from a FREE OF CHARGE consultation on how you can reduce the anxiety of your team members through a range of mental health solutions, continue to professionally develop people (so that they use the time to be as strong as possible), release new products and grow your business then please call us on 1300 451 140 or email We would be happy to help.

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